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Hi Elizabeth,

Persistentt cough is caused by severe lung irritation due to irritants in the air such as cigartte smoke, air pollution, allergy causing substances or exhaust fumes. Your doctor should have prescribed some inhaler which will help in controlling the cough. There are several categories of inhaler treatments that help control your cough and your breathing in a variety of ways. Ask your doctor about the "rescue" inhalers such as Proair HFA or Ventolin HFA that dilate your bronchial tubes and help stop your coughing and abort any asthma attacks if any.

You need to carry this inhaler on you all the time because it's the only one that can abort your cough. Your doctor may also precribe steroid type inhalers such as Azmacort or Flovent which help reduce the inflamation and reduce the severity of your condition and cough. These steroid base inhalers belong to the good steroid kinds and not the ones that had the bad reputation in the media such as those used by professional athletes. Steroid base inhalers are not used as rescue inhalers but work longterm on reducing the impact of your COPD.

There are medications such as Advair or Dulera that combine both types where one medication helps dilate your breathing tubes so you can breath better. Those combinations offer the convenience of including 2 medications in one and the convenience of once or twice daily use. Thesee advantages help people remember using those inhalers and stick with the treatment.

If your cough is moderate to severe then depending on your condition your doctor may choose to also put you on oxygen. Your doctor also may precribe a strong cough suppressant and you can pick up Mucinex 1200 mg From the Over The Counter section of any pharmacy and take it twice daily to resolve the mucous problem.

These were some options availbale to you so make sure you contact your doctor and he or she will prescribe the appropriate medication. Hope this was helpful.

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