Pharmacist George

Hi Julie,

The first question I have for you is have you contacted your doctor and informed him or her of the chest pain, the swollen legs and the dizziness you've been having? I would start there and get clearance before any further activity. After the clearance then I would move to the next step.

There could be several problems coming together at the same time that are contributing in causing the problems you've been having. Of course COPD could be one of your problems because depending on your condition  you may have various degrees of reduced lung capacity which will affect oxygen and energy supply to your body, your heart and your whole body. So lung problems cause a strain on the heart and then your heart function and strength maybe affected contributing to the problems you've been having.

Also you maybe out of shape and your muscles may not be in tip top shape causing fatigue or you may have excess weight which places an additional burden on your lungs, heart and energy levels.

By no means the solution here is not becoming physically inactive because this will contribute to further weight gain which will cause additional burdens on your lungs and heart. 

The solution is working around your physical  challenges and let those limitations be your guide in what you can and can't do. Many people believe that unless you walk fast or "exercise" for an hour per day you won't get any benefit and this is absolutely not true.

If you are able to walk for 10 minutes at a time then go ahead and walk around in the house or outside for that long then rest for a couple hours then repeat this cycle 2 to 4 times daily. If  you're on oxygen then take your can along for a stride. If you're only able to walk for 5 minutes
Without getting out of breath then go ahead and do so then  rest and repeat the cycle several times daily. 

The goal here is to have about 30 to 45 minutes or more of physical activity daily. Whatever you do always keep in mind that remaining physically active throughout our lives is one of the most critical factors that contributes to great health and longevity.  Work around your physical limitations and never give up your right To be physically active. I hope this was helpful.

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