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Hi Tony,

E.D. Stands for Erectile Dysfunction which is a terminology that replaced the word "impotence" from the medical literature and language. The latter term seemed to be descriptive  and stereotypical which is no longer preferred. Erectile Dysfunction is the actual condition but does not describ the patient.

ED can be caused by a variety of reasons of which chronic controllable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol are responsible for a vast majority of it. Other diseases causing ED can be neurological in nature such as epilepsy. Other causes of ED can be from some medications to treat high blood pressure, depression and psychosis. Illegal drugs, smoking, obesity and alcohol can all cause ED as well.

There is a variety of ways available to treat ED from prescription medications to devices or surgery depending on the causing factor.

Surprisingly ED and Sexual Dysfunction affect up to 40 % of men and women and only a fraction of those affected with it seek medical help.

ED is a chronic condition just like any other that can be treated and resolved in almost all people affected with it. I highly encourage people during my pharmacy Practice not feel any shame or taboo and discuss it with their doctor.
I tell my patients it is not their fault they have sexual Dysfunction and having it does not make anyone less of a person. There is a treatment for almost any form of sexual dysfunction but none of those available solutions will help you if you don't seek medical help. 

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