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Hi Isadee,

Well It's great you quit longtime ago and it's awesome you're maintaining an active lifestyle enjoying various hobbies. If you have emphysema then you should be on other inhalers besides Proventil or ProAir or Proventil such as Advair or Dulera to reduce inflammation and keep your airways open. You could be also prescribed to inhale Oxygen. All of those treatments will help improve your breathing and get you to maintain the activities you enjoy.

Also, let me make sure you're using the Proventil properly because if you don't you may not be getting the full benefit of it. First make sure the inhaler you have is in date and here's the steps you must follow to ensure maximum benefit:

1) For newly purchased inhalers you must make sure they work well by pressing the canister into place and puffing one time in the air,
2) Shake the inhaler well
3) Exhale
4) Keep your head straight and your lips tight to the mouth piece and aim at your throat (if you spray in your palate you're wasting that spray)
5) inhale a breath then half way through the inhalation press the puff one time
6) inhale all the way then hold your breath for 2 or 3 seconds then exhale very slowly.

For the second puff you must wait 2 to 3 minutes then repeat the same procedure for the second puff. If you're pressing two puffs with the first puff then you're wasting the second puff.

These are some strategies to help improve your breathing. Take care.

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