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Of course because excess weight is a major contributor to COPD because the heart and lung would have to overwork to supplement the extra weight with the needed nutrients and oxygen. Plus the extra weight is placing pressure on your rib cavity and consequently on your lungs. In the process the heart and lung may deteriorate unless the weight is resolved and the breathing condition being treated effectively.

during the course of my practise of my practise I met a guy who owns a company that sells mobile oxygen bottles to people. So out of curiosity I asked him if smokers were the majority of his customers but suprisingly he replied that obese people amke more than 70% of his customers.

Being a truck driver is no excuse to being physically inactive because excess weight and physical inactivity are two of your worst enemies. So make small steps at a time and at every truck stop take half of your break walking. Also, during the ride watch what you're snacking on and switch from sugary beverages to pure water. Instead of snacking on potato chips then substitute with vegetables, fruits, lean Jerky a little bit of nuts, almonds or wlanuts.

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