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Found this product after much research, It's very inexpensive and the results have been spectacular. Unlike most "snake oil" offers this one got my attention. The reviews are great AND TRUE. It is formilated and sold in New Zealand, has a 100% moneyback guarantee, a 3 month suply is only $89.95 includinf S & H. It takes approximately 3 weeks to arrive at your door step. Then it's one pill a day. If you dont fell a 70 - 80% improvement in your breathing in 2 weeks ship it back for a full refund. When I first started taking the pill I would get breathles walking 10 feet. One the pill after my breathing improved a good 70 %. My Doctor(s) are amazed and I no longer take anyother medicine for my COPD/Emphasima. The web address is; http://www.hysmeton.com/. It is truly unbelievable. Email them to purchase a 90 supply for only $89.9s (no shipping or handling) give a credit card number sit back and be prepared to get your breath back!!!

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Blueclover September 9, 2011 at 9:34 pm   

This sounds so good. I have been on 2 Inhaler and oxygen for over
a year now. I'm looking for a new Doctor. I don't feel like the one I see is helping me.I have been keeping my oxygen up to 95 an more. So I only been useing my air of a night.

bpnelson2810 February 18, 2011 at 10:42 am   

Inexpensive and a 100% money back guarantee of results.


Only the long shipping time from New Zealand.

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