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COPD and Summer Heat

By — From

— Becoming overheated can put people with COPD at risk for serious illness. Stay cool this summer with the following tips:
Watch weather reports. Plan outings for the coolest days. On hot days, avoid the city, where the temperature is hotter. If you live in the city, stay in…

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over 7 years

Best Places for COPD Patients

By Dennis Thompson Jr. — From

— Is the grass starting to look greener somewhere else? Americans are used to the idea that they can live wherever they like, regardless of factors such as climate and altitude. But things aren’t that simple for the more than 12 million Americans who have been…

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over 7 years

How Weather Can Affect Your COPD

By Krisha McCoy — From

— Weather changes are one of many factors that can trigger your COPD symptoms. Symptoms of COPD, which include shortness of breath, cough, and phlegm production, tend to get worse for some COPD patients when the air is very cold and when it is hot and humid.

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