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I was diagnosed with Emphysema 4 months ago at the age of 33, i'm now 34 as my birthday was just a month ago. My doctor told me it was rare for someone my age to get it, and it's definitely not from the genetic disorder either (i took the blood test for that). I've been smoking for 22 years so I know this is my own doing, and i'm having difficulty quitting right now. I did do the spirometry tests and he said my numbers were good. I did make him aware that i do have difficulty breathing when it's cold, hot, sometimes when i take walks, and random moments. So he prescribed me the albuterol pump and to take that only when i absolutely need it. I spoken to a few friends about my diagnosis shortly after, but i've been so depressed these 4 months. I don't know who to talk to, what to say, or where to begin. I was having many suicidal thoughts and found myself isolated from everyone. In all honesty, i feel silly even writing on here because in some sense i just feel that people will just tell me it's nothing to worry about, and I'll be fine. I was trying to look for support groups near me, but the one i did find never answered the phone. I really do feel helpless and hopeless. Maybe you'll think i'm stupid to even feel this way. I don't know…

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