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Hi- I am a 54 year old female diagnosed with Moderate COPD 5 days ago. I am overwhelmed with incredible sadness, fear, guilt and confusion. I have a wonderful network of supportive loved ones, but feel so alone. I keep feeling that I am having a nightmare and will soon wake up and realize it is just a bad dream. It is still so surreal and unfathomable. My pulmonogist is on vacation and I had to ask covering doc to interpret results. All I got was the diagnosis and a scheduled follow up in 2 weeks. No resources or support. I can not stop thinking about death, suffocating, losing my independence.. Five days ago I felt like a perfectly normal, (albeit it, short of breath) strong, vibrant woman. Now I feel like everything in my world has turned upside down in an instant . Please help!

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  • Erieshark
    Erieshark June 7 at 1:05 pm   

    I too am feeling overwhelmed with the diagnosis. I am getting supplemental oxygen today and that's making me more depressed. I know it is a chronic and progressive disease. I have had asthma my entire life so the issue of struggling to breathe is not new to me. But the idea of having to use oxygen has thrown me into a mental health crisis. I am reading everything I can but it just says to stop smoking. Well I did that decades ago. And it says to get more exercise which I can't do and better diet which I can do. Sorry I can't help but I can identify.

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