My Elderly Mother, who never normally wheezed, was denied Service at the ER for Wheezing, why?

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My mother never wheezed. She became ill and started wheezing. When I took her to the ER they basically ignored my comments that she never normally wheezes. Rather than take a chest x-ray, the doctor apparently wrote that she had emphysema.
After we were forcibly removed from the ER because I kept begging them to evaluate her wheezing, I immediately took to an Urgent Care, they sent us across the street for an X-RAY. The Urgent Care Doctor reviewed the X-Ray and asked if my mother had emphysema, which shocked the heck out of me. He didn't even mention COPD which is what I just found when I got the Medical records. I had been her caregiver for the past 8 years. Out of the dozens of doctor appointments no one ever said she had either COPD nor emphysema nor did they recommend any breathing machines. With no COPD treatments her OX was usually between 95 to 98.

Can a person with COPD or emphysema still walk 1.1 miles like my elderly mother did with me?
Can they still speak at different volumes at will like my mother did?
Can they still easily sing like my mother did?
When they sleep at night with no breathing aid, can someone with COPD or Emphysema take deep, even breathes with no assistance?

Could this have been an E.R. cover up to not treat what was probably a bronchial infection that was spreading so they could avoid intaking her into the hospital?

Can some in the Medical E.R. Field use a Diagnosis of Emphysema as an excuse to not treat a patient in the ER?

No discharge instructions were given for us, nothing was offered in the way of breathing equipment. My dear sweet mother died in my arms three days later, at home, allegedly of a heart attack. She was just sick and needed to be in a Hospital and was denied service at the E.R.

My mother had not been in a hospital for over 3 and 1/2 years.
Is this how we snuff out the elderly now? I am heartbroken.

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