Shockwave therapy for MCTD

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Hi, my name is Maria and I am from Mississauga. I was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease when I was 12. I had my ups and downs while battling the disease because I didn't have enough maturity to understand the seriousness of my disease at that age. I underwent some treatments and the disease was under control. But, I am experiencing severe muscle and joint pain now. I am scared whether I am having the same problem as before. I am a mother now, and my daughter is the first thing I thought about.
I have heard that a shockwave therapy is very effective in treating the disorders associated with connective tissues. So, I am planning to visit an acupuncture centre ( ) in Mississauga soon. Is this treatment safe? Is there anybody over here who has undergone an acupuncture treatment before? How was your experience? Please share your experience.

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  • Dr Gary
    Dr GaryCA February 3, 2018 at 8:30 pm   

    Hey Stella34, it's great to meet you. Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I am a therapist, but not a physician, so I don't have any useful information for you. I am wondering if you might be able to ask the treatment center you are going to for references, maybe someone you could talk to. Having said that, I would also caution that every patient has their own unique experience with a treatment. Getting the opinion of one or more physicians might also help you to make your decision. One size does not fit all. You might also do some research on your own, on reputable sites like the American Lung Association. I can understand your concern about making the right decision. I hope you will keep us posted and let us know how you are doing.

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