Family Doesn't Understand What is it Like to Have COPD?

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Are your family or friends confused about COPD, or maybe they think that there's nothing wrong with you? Here's a way to demonstrate what you experience every minute of the day …

Give them one of the small drink stirrer straws. Ask them to put it in their mouth and pinch their nose so they can't breathe through it. Then tell them to march in place for 30 seconds.

It's a great way to demonstrate to someone with good lungs and no problems just what COPD feels like.

Get a print-out of your Spirometry test next time and show them the scores -Fev-1 % is how much lung function you have left as compared to others of your age. That may give them both a 'black and white' analysis as well as an experience similar to yours.

Do you have other ways to demonstrate the effects of COPD? Please share!

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