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Cstot New To COPD and trying To Quit Smoking “What kind of luck have you had with Chantix? I tried it and I began having dreams that were too…”
chloeicg paid online research study on COPD! “Hi, My company, Insight Consulting Group, is conducting paid online research to get feedback from people diagnosed with COPD, Emphysema…”
MarjD. How does exercise affect your COPD? “Taken gradually @ first, I find great benefit in gentle exercise! I asked my doctor how long should I exercise-his…”
pollie00 Swimming with Oxygen “I now make these watertight cases for all and all types from 1 lumen cannula to two lumen conservator regulator…”
Dr Gary Lonely? Here’s what you can do! “I often talk to my clients about how lonely they are. I see that many of our members feel the…”

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