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pamboyd2u Multiple Illnesses, Disorders and Diseases “Hello again Heather, I know what you are saying when you say that you are waking up with a elephant on…”
MeDiNovaUK Can you help in the fight against COPD? “If your COPD symptoms are leaving you at a loss – you’ve tried everything and still your symptoms aren’t easing…”
Dr Gary Chronic Communication at Home: Unpredictable Health and Parenting—What… ““We had the whole day planned,” my client said to me. “Pancakes followed by a trip to our local swimming…”
dawn-flies6 Does Anemia have anything to do with COPD? “I have been diagnosed with Anemia- Iron Defeceint. Hgb 9, Hct 29, Ferritin 6, Iron Sat 3%. I am needing…”
Twitchy poo The process of dieing with COPD “I never mentioned an aunt. I wrote about my sister. Whom is even worse now. She is suffering with dillerium…”

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