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Erieshark Newly diagnosed “I too am feeling overwhelmed with the diagnosis. I am getting supplemental oxygen today and that's making me more depressed.”
Rainbows004 COPD Diagnosis “my husband was recently diagnosed with copd, after him going into a funk about it, i consulted with doctors and…”
Ms Shrivastava Need to confirm COPD “My spirometry test report says ESA obstruction, which was done during annual health check up. I have not consulted a…”
ferrari12395 My best friend died from COPD “I am currently grieving the death of my best friend from COPD who was 60 years old. She lived in…”
himanshu11 can someone with mild copd build a healthy… “i am 21 years old and suffered from acute bronchitis from my childhood days but it never bugged me until…”

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