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Kibitzer-mensch Spiriva “I get spiriva,through the VA because it's a fairly good guess that I got copd from asbestos exposure. When the…”
Geoff.1966 Just Diagnosed: Getting Your Emotions Through the First… “Superb article. Made a big impression on me the first time I became a member last week. I logged on…”
Dr Gary Just Diagnosed: Why Does Information Feel Like my… “If you’ve been recently diagnosed, one piece of advice you’ve most likely been given, by your physician or your loved…”
Fairy1051 Double pneumonia “Thank you for the gifts. Feeling a little better but its going to be a slow process but I'll make…”
jblondie88 Not a clear diagnosis “I had a breathing "spell" almost two years ago that scared me enough to go to the Doctor. Had a…”

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