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doebrown How to create donations where COPD is involved “I have created a FUNDLY campaign to try and get assistance to help my wife and I move from a…”
pascardo best places to live with copd “I am a 76 year old man with moderate to severe copd. I am trying to locate the best places…”
Nindy lonley wish there was a equivalent female to… “Hello Steve...I've just found this forum and joined.I have COPD, I think its termed 'moderate'.. I walk my dogs almost…”
Dr Gary Family Value: The Benefits of Staying on a… “Living with a chronic condition has a direct impact on your budget. Anybody reading this who has a chronic condition…”
Gwbcopd Cope 3years “Hi,everyone I am on what they call end stage cope.very scary.been on oxygen for any one else on end…”

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