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Dr Gary Chronic Communication at Home: What Can I Do… ““What about me?” That’s what a client, who I’ll call Tom, said to his wife, Maria, recently. They were in my…”
Twitchy poo The process of dieing with COPD “I never mentioned an aunt. I wrote about my sister. Whom is even worse now. She is suffering with dillerium…”
MauiMedicineMan Hydrogen Peroxide Treatments for COPD “Medical doctors cannot recommend this treatment without having double blind, controlled studies to rely on. If they recommend it and…”
linda954 COPD and loneliness “I have copd I live in south florida and I have no friends and no one to date and…”
Darloma EMPHYSEMA, OMG I am gonna Die “love a great sense of humor.....I am also having fun with my sense of humor and busy posting the truth…”

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